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Every year Forklift Training Systems conducts forklift and aerial work platform safety training for hundreds of companies across the U.S. Our market niche is providing high quality forklift and aerial work platform training which makes a real impact on those attending and brings value and improved safety to our customers. Our programs integrate the latest trends in the industry and are based on the following:

Years of experience training and evaluating both operators and trainers

Continual feedback from our trainees and customers

Accident investigations

Best practices from some of America’s largest and most successful

OSHA inspections and citations from around the U.S.

Expert witness experience from court cases involving serious injuries or death

If your main goal for your training is to keep OSHA off your doorstep, you are aiming too low. Our training can certainly assist you with becoming OSHA compliant, but it can take you even further. Some other things we can accomplish at the same time are as follows:

We help trainees better understand the best reasons to work safely
     (protecting their families and favorite activities)

We show them real life consequences people face if they make bad safety

We help you identify and correct safety problems before training even starts

We make training interesting and informative for both rookies and veterans.
     We frequently hear, “that was the best training we ever had.”

To view specific information on Operator Training or Train-The-Trainer, click on the tabs to the left side of this page for more details. For more information on our company philosophies and how we partner with our customers see the about us section.

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