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Operator Training

This is a popular option for companies looking to train six or more forklift or aerial work platform operators in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana or Pennsylvania. We will look at your facility and equipment in advance of the class, so we get to know your strengths and weaknesses before any training begins. We will also make recommendations to improve both safety and OSHA compliance at your site. Classroom sessions vary in length from four to six hours, depending on your lift types and application. The classroom is followed by hands-on evaluations lasting one to several hours depending on class size. Our forklift hands-on evaluations are always conducted at your site and on your forklifts, which is required by OSHA. We can, upon request, conduct forklift or aerial work platform operator training outside of the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania areas, but those states are our considered our home base.

We are continually told by trainees that this is the best training they have ever attended; we are very proud of those types of comments. Lots of companies conduct forklift and aerial lift training, very few put enthusiasm and reality into it, even fewer are able to convince operators to change their behavior - we are one of the few and we're proud of it.

Our customers count us as one of their most reliable vendors, based on quality of instruction, willingness to help them improve their safety and ability to manage and follow through on each training project. For a list of references and customer comments see our references section.


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