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TotalTrax Pricing

TotalTrax systems include a number of various parts depending your needs, application and forklift types so we can't list exact parts and pricing that is valid for every system and every option on our web site. We can however, determine your needs and generate an accurate proposal or if you already have a detailed proposal we can provide a second, and likely more economical, option.

There are several sources which sell TotalTrax systems including forklift dealers, safety companies and TotalTrax regional representatives. No matter who is proposing your system there are many advanatages in working with Forklift Training Systems.

- We understand the various TotalTrax models, their features and applications.

- We can help you make the most of your system; integrating it into your safety and training programs.

- We work as partners with all TotalTrax regional representatives from across the U.S. and Canada.

- We can help support your system after the sale.

- We will get you the lowest price on the best system for your needs, period!

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