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Does your facility have some of the following problems?

1) Unreported "mystery" damage to forklifts, facility products and no way to identify and hold operators responsible for the damage they are causing.

2) Untrained or unauthorized people operating forklifts such as production workers or contractors.

3) Inability to enforce and document the OSHA required forklift inspection before the start of each shift.

4) No way to effectively and positively remove unsafe forklifts from use.

5) Difficulty tracking and enforcing which operators are authorized to operate different types of forklifts or other industrial vehicles such as aerial lifts or loaders.

If you are struggling with some or all of these issues you have come to the right place. In the early 1990's, most of the problems listed above were not solvable with technology; the few products on the market were not very user friendly or functional. Many companies tried these primitive systems, eager to reduce damage and improve operator accountability, but they were just not advanced enough to be very effective in the long term. Advances in computer technology have brought more advanced systems with greater abilities and features. Although there are many systems on the market, we only recommend a few which have proven to be the very best over many years in terms of technology, value, support and price.