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Seatbelt Compliance

OSHA makes it very clear that they will enforce the mandatory wearing of seatbelts through the General Duty Clause and that companies which do not enforce seatbelt use will face citations and costly fines. Even worse than an OSHA citation is the likelihood of costly litigation one of your operators has an accident and is not wearing their belt. Anything less than 100% compliance, 100% of the time is a serious safety problem. We have a wide variety of seatbelts to meet your needs and your budget. Features include:

-All belts are bright orange in color
-All belts are 60" long to fix even your largest operator
-All belts are fully retractable
-Select belts have unique anti bind features to promote greater operator comfort, especially when driving in reverse
-Select belts have an electronic isolation switch to remind the operator to wear the belt and ensure that they put it on

-SAFE-Belt Forklift Seatbelt


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