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Forklift Expert Witness Services

Forklift Training Systems has several in-house forklift expert witnesses. We participate in a limited number of forklift expert witness cases each year, both plaintiff and defense cases. Unlike many other forklift expert witnesses, who have little real forklift experience, but spend all their time in litigation work, we don't make our living in litigation, we are first and foremost a forklift training company and only a small percentage of our overall revenue comes from forklift expert witness work. Each of our forklift expert witnesses has personally trained many thousands of forklift operators and hundreds of forklift trainers, as well as investigating numerous forklift accidents. All of our forklift experts have over 20 years of forklift operational experience and can personally operate all 7 classes of forklifts including sit down propane/gas/diesel, sit down electric, stand up reach, man up order picker, walkie and walkie rider pallet jack, tuggers, rough terrain forklifts and more. We are also very familiar with the operation of forklifts from many different manufacturers, including but not limited to: Big Joe, Bendi, Caterpillar, Clark, Crown, Daewoo, Drexel, Genie, Hyster, JLG, Komatsu, Linde, Lull, Mitsubishi, Moffett, Princeton, Raymond, Skytrack, Toyota and Yale. We have customers in, and experience with, hundreds of different applications including industries such as paper, metal working, plastics, general manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, construction and others.

Our forklift experts are in the field each and every week training operators or trainers and we investigate forklift incidents to determine their causes and preventions on a regular basis. We are in touch with the latest in OSHA and ANSI standards and the huge number of more obscure documents surrounding forklift operations, which other forklift expert witnesses may not even know exist. We are very familiar with forklift and pedestrian accidents, as well as determining if forklifts operators are properly certified and using the appropriate standards of care for safe operation. Our forklift experts participate in continuing education on a regular basis and have attended classes at various state agencies and manufacturers to continually improve their knowledge and experience. Our forklift expert witnesses are experienced in document review, report writing, depositions, pre deposition/trial question development and all have worked cases in state or federal courts. Our attention to detail and integrity is unmatched in the industry.

Don't just take our word for it, we are recommended by the best. You would be hard pressed to find an OSHA expert with more overall knowledge and experience that Jim Stanley, the President of FDR Safety based in TN. Jim is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor (a career position that is the No. 2 job at Federal OSHA). Jim has relied on Forklift Training Systems for many years to assist FDR's clients on forklift related cases and started us on the road to becoming forklift expert witnesses years ago.

Contact us today at 740-763-4978 or to discuss your case, obtain a CV/references for one of our experts, billing rates and a copy our forklift expert witness agreement.


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