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Forklift Safety

• Inspection Book (Lift Truck Equipment Log)
• Inspection Book (Checklist Caddy)
• Forklift Lock Out System

• SAFE-Belt Ergonomic Forklift Seatbelt
• Anti Blind Spot Mirror
• Back Up Handle
• Forklift All Weather Cab (Atrium)
• Overhead Guard Rainshield (Forkshield)
• Forklift Overhead Sun Shield (Solar Cap)
• Fork Tilt Level Indicator (Accu-Tilt)
• Fork Height Indicator (Accu-Height)
• Blue Safety Light

Forklift Ergonomics

• SAFE-Belt Ergonomic Forklift Seatbelt
• Back Up Handle
• Anti Blind Spot Mirror
• Fork Tilt Level Indicator (Accu-Tilt)
• Fork Lift Height Indicator (Accu-Height)

Forklift Battery Safety

• Battery Care Box and PPE Kit
• Battery Acid Spill Kit
• Eyewash Station
• Battery Watering Gun
• Automatic Battery Watering System (Fillwatch)
• Battery Watering Cart

Facility Protection

• Column Protector (Column Sentry)
• Rack Protector (Rack Sentry)
• Concrete Column Protector (Concrete Wrap)
• Corner Protector
• Column Protector For Fire Extinguisher Columns
• Overhead Warning Barriers


Forklift Training Videos and Materials

• Sit Down Rider Training Kit (SAFE LIFT)
• Narrow Aisle Training Kit (SAFE LIFT)
• Pallet Truck Training Kit (SAFE LIFT)
• Combo Pack (all 3 SAFE LIFT kits)
• Support Materials (SAFE LIFT KITS)
• Forklift Attachment Training DVD
• Propane Cylinder Safety Training Program
• Aerial Work Platform Training Kit
• Telescopic, Rough Terrain Forklift Training Kit
• Magnetic Stability Training Model
• Wire Lift Truck
• Straight Mast Rough Terrain Forklift Training Kit

Forklift Propane Safety

• Propane Personal Protective Equipment Kit
• Propane Handling Gloves
• Propane Cylinder Safety Training Program
• Cormack Propane Safety Valve

Forklift and Aerial Work Platform Fall Protection

• Five Point Fall Protection Harness (Miller Revolution)
• Retractable Lanyard (Miller TurboLite)

Forklift Scales

• Safe Weigh Scale



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